Xiaomi Mi Mix smartphone review

If looking at gorgeous and world-class phones is your thing, then by now you will have certainly heard about the Mi Mix by Xiaomi. Read one of our latest smartphone reviews on the phone.

The Mi Mix is truly known as the smartphone of the future. The almost bezel-less display will make all your videos and movies stunning. This display showcases a 6.4-inch screen.


The phone’s body is made out of micro-crystalline zirconia ceramic that is known to be as hard as sapphire. This makes the phone extremely durable and ensures that you will not have minor heart attacks every time you accidentally drop it. It is 158.8 mm in height, 81.9 mm in width, and 7.9 mm in thickness. It weighs around 209 grams.


The Mi Mix smartphone reviews can also boast of a Snapdragon 821 processor, a 6GB RAM, and UFS 2.0 ROM. It also has an Adreno 530 graphics card for a better gaming experience. The device comes with a whopping 4,400 mAh battery to keep you charged throughout the day. What’s more? The battery even has a fast charging feature where the charging speed increases by 20 percent.


The phone comes with a 16 MP rear camera. This lets you take pictures in different modes like low light, HDR, panorama, burst, face recognition, and more. The 5 MP front camera is 50 percent smaller than other typical front-facing cameras. This is so that it fits in spite of the bezel-less display. It also has 36 smart beauty profiles so that you always look your best.

Added features

If you are in the mood for added luxury, you could get the Mi Mix 18K. This phone has an 18 karat gold rim around the camera and a fingerprint sensor. This will add a sparkle to your phone.

If traditional is not your thing, the Mi Mix is certainly the right smartphone for you. With its cutting-edge technology and design, it is a revolutionary step in the smartphone industry. So now that you have read the smartphone reviews of the Xiaomi Mi Mix, don’t waste time in getting your own new phone!

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