Why is it economical to buy tires from big-box retailers

Shopping everything imaginable under one roof is the trend today and these big retailers try to include everything a consumer can buy. Ever since the car found a place in every house, the big retailers included the best tire brands in their line of products – like Michelin for example. Over 500 types of Michelin tires are available only in Sears. Mega tire manufacturers like Michelin offer special discounts and promotional offers all the time at these mega supermarkets.

These big retailers seem to stop at nothing. They are competitive with the tire prices, offer free shipping and basic automotive services. Some of the services offered are, battery and tire installation, light bulb and wiper blade replacements, air, oil and cabin filter changes, chasis lubrication, and a quick wash too. The big retailers are much sought after as they also sell other car accessories. Thus making them your one stop shop for all your shopping needs. Who would not want to get their tire replaced while their family is doing their usual weekend shopping?

The big-box retailers such as Walmart, Costco, and Sears, have websites and mobile apps where you can buy your tire and then get them shipped to their own auto centre near you for free. Installation charges begin at $12 for each tire, which means it is cheaper than many professional installation centres. The customer reviews and ratings on their websites give useful information that one would not get while purchasing over the counter.

Walmart offers product plan covers that give the buyer a full cover for repair or replacement, including shipping charges for the exchange. Moreover, many buyers find it surprising that these big-box retailers can afford to sell tires at a much cheaper price than many places in the Country.

Mega tire manufacturers like Michelin supply huge stocks of tires to these retailers. It only means that a lot of sales is happening there. The edge these big-box retailers have is their huge networks and enterprise. They can afford to give huge discounts and reward points for the purchase which not many can do. The downsides might be scheduling your installation or finding a regular mechanic. But as they offer free shipping to any location, you can get your tire delivered to your regular mechanic whom you always trust.

Whatever your choice, it is good to start your research while your tires still have some tread on them.

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