Why is car tire maintenance crucial for car performance?

Good car tire maintenance by checking the tire pressure, rotation, inspections, and alignment ensures that a good amount of money can be saved from unwanted expenses on car tires.

Tire life: Having properly inflated tires would ensure that the car tires last their full lifetime without any glitches. Under-inflated and over-inflated tires tend to wear out 20% faster due to the inappropriate tire pressure. An auto-manufacturer recommends a certain PSI based on the regular depreciation of tires as well as after a tested and thorough check of how far the side of the car, the weight of the axles, the balancing weight of the whole car, etc., impact the overall-life of a tire. Since the tire is the point of contact for the cars on the road, maintain the tires in a balanced condition is also crucial to the overall car performance.

Fuel efficiency: The condition of tires also has an impact on the amount of money one spends on fuel and the overall fuel efficiency of the car. The use of underinflated tires causes consumption of excess fuel because tires have a higher rolling resistance in these conditions which in turn requires extra effort from the engine to move the vehicle.

Some of the pointers to religiously follow in order to ensure that the car tires are well maintained and also have only the regular wear over time are:

  • Inspect the car tires for any extra wear. Doing a thorough check with a professional during the regular annual maintenance will ensure that the tire condition is not bad and that it does not require any immediate remedy.
  • Always keep the tires inflated to the right PSI as advised by the car manufacturer. The handling and braking system in a car can be easily compromised when the tires are unevenly inflated or improperly filled with the wrong air pressure.
  • Don’t drive at high speeds with over acceleration. This will cause improper wearing of the tire which will then lead to an uneven balancing of the tires as well.
  • Keep within the car’s load capacity, over burdening causes more wearing of the tires.
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