Why Grand Canyon is such a rage among travelers

One of the seven natural wonders of the world, Grand Canyon is a permanent fixture on the travelers’ bucket list from around the world. Annually, over five million travelers throng to the wilderness that we all call the Grand Canyon. As per stats, the number of visitors is increasing each year. As such, the million-dollar question is that why the most inhospitable terrain on the planet attracts such a deluge of travelers, many of whom are returning visitors. Join us, as we find out a few plausible reasons for the same.

A grandeur that cannot be explained:
Verbal and visual descriptions often fall short to describe the grandeur that the Grand Canyon exudes. Revel in the massive stretch of geological formations stretching 277 miles in length, 18 miles in width, and 1 mile in depth. Since the exclusive way to understand the inexplicable is to witness it, travelers prefer having a firsthand account of the Grand Canyon by traversing its wilderness.

Witness history unfolding:
The Grand Canyon is of great interest to students of geology and history wanting evidence-based insights into the evolution of the Earth’s prized landscapes and their inhabitants. As per studies, the formation has evolved over 6 million years, which is due to the incessant flow of the Colorado River. Carbon dating tells us, the rocks are approximately 2 billion years old, which is around half the age of the planet. Moreover, the archeologists have dug out over 4,800 sites once inhabited by ancient Indian tribes, making it a sought-after destination for historians and the ilk.

Diverse wildlife:
The Grand Canyon also has a pedigree to be proud of as a National Park. The Grand Canyon National Park sprawls across 1,217,403 acres. Besides being replete with vantage points, the place hosts an eclectic wildlife. Naturalists from all over the US and overseas take Grand Canyon Tours to get a glimpse of the famed coyote, mule deer, and the great horned owl, each of which is exclusive to the place.

Accessible all year round:
Seasons are no restriction when it comes to visiting the Grand Canyon, as it is accessible all year round. The region resembles other low altitude deserts around the world in terms of climate. Besides two precipitation periods annually, the Grand Canyon remains dry throughout. Though summers are the high season, the place also receives reasonable footfall in the winters. However, those undertaking Grand Canyon Tours in the offseason are advised to make all essential arrangements for a safe and trouble-free experience.

Myriad experiences for the taking:
The Grand Canyon’s reputation as the coveted vacation destination relies on the sheer diversity of activities that one can pursue here. Right from skywalk, hiking, trekking, river rafting and camping to archaeological expeditions, the place is abuzz with it all. For breathtaking aerial views, a bevy of guided airplane and helicopter tours are also there for the taking.

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