What a Triple A card can do for you

Getting a membership for the American Automobile Association, AAA, better known as and referred to as Triple A, is something most motorists and car owners consider. This not for profit organization is a federation of motor clubs, and has its presence in North America. The Triple A also has international affiliates in various countries, which means that its members gets reciprocal services while traveling to those countries, and when visitors come to the United States, they too can avail of services.

Triple A provides a number of valuable services to its members, the best known of which is perhaps roadside assistance and towing services for when a car breaks down or a driver gets into an accident. However, the Triple A actually offers a whole slew of services, including issuing International Driving Permits in the U.S, and also provides road maps, travel guides and publications, and hotel and restaurant ratings to its members. Having a Triple A membership also means one can get some good discounts on car rental services. And given its involvement in reviewing and rating dining establishments and places to stay, you can even avail of discounts on hotels and restaurants with your Triple A card!

Some of the well-known and reputed car rental agencies offer special discounts for Triple A members, over and above their regular offers. Hertz and Thrifty offer between 10% and 20% discounts for Triple A members on a car rental, and you can do the research online on the agencies’ websites or via aggregator sites like Expedia and Car Rental Savers. Both companies also offer special deals that change, including a certain amount off of a weekly car rental, or discounts or benefits on add-ons like GPS.

You can enter your Triple A membership number when doing an online search and booking to see what your discount comes up to, and when you pick up the car at the car rental agency’s location, you will be asked to show your Triple A card.

If you’re a Triple A member from another country traveling within the United States, you can get the discounts too. As for North American members traveling to Europe, remember to keep your Triple A membership card handy so you can head to a car rental place and save a little more than you expected.

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