Ways to keep your pressure washer forever new

If you want to keep your pressure washers in workable condition for years, you should follow a maintenance schedule. Although maintenance techniques vary depending on the type of pressure washer that you are using, some general ways to keep your machine in top shape are listed below.

Keep your pump dry
After your cleaning project is over, make sure you empty water and detergent from the pump completely. You can pick up a can of pump/or anti-freeze solution. You can screw the garden hose adapter onto the pump inlet and press the trigger until you see foamy liquid shoot out from the other trigger. This helps in preventing corrosion and mineral build-up inside the pump.

Use the right pressure water nozzle
Pressure washers usually have four varieties of pressure water nozzles that are colour coded to denote their spray pattern. Keep in mind that you use a specific nozzle for a specific job. Experiments can be dangerous for both your machine and the surface or material you are using it on.

Use fluids designed for pressure washers only
There are soaps specifically designed for use in pressure washers. Make sure you do not interchange. The vehicle wash soap will not clean concrete or wood. If you use the one for vehicles to clean concrete, it might discolor the wheels. Do not use heavy-duty cleaning liquids, bleach, and acids as it may erode the pump.

Store in a dry place
If you want to store your pressure washers for a long period, make sure you keep it in a dry area. You should keep it away from heat so that the pump is sheltered. You can also use a pump lubricant to help prevent damage from mineral deposits.

Check screens regularly
The water-inlet and in-line screens should be flushed with clear water if there is dirt. This also helps to prevent clogging.

To avoid performance glitches, take out the time to clean your pressure washer on a regular basis. Your association with the washer can be a long-term deal, if only you follow the above maintenance guidelines.

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