Want a new handbag from Belks? You can’t go wrong with these tips

Handbags make a fashion statement no matter what the type. But it is essential to carry the right kind of bag for the occasion. You certainly can’t carry a clutch to the beach nor can you carry a canvas tote bag with your evening gown. There’s something for every occasion and here’s a simple guide to help you. If you plan to buy a handbag from a large store like Belk’s you will be spoiled for choice – shoulder bags, backpacks, clutches, evening bags, hobos, satchel’s, tote bags, crossbody bags and many more are available. All you have to do is pick. There are a few things you need to keep in mind before you make that final decision. Research online on the Belk site or just walk around the store.

Pick A Color
Caramel brown, beige, navy blue and black are great color choices for buying your first designer bag. If you tend to spill food and end up with broken pens and pencils and material residue, consider getting one in black. Pick something that works for most occasions.

Think Of Use
Are you buying a bag for a specific reason – a wedding, for work, or a special evening? Base your decision around the purpose. Consider your age, environment and lifestyle when shopping. If you’re a mom, a voluminous bag is your answer, If you’re picking one for work, go with sharp lines and minimal bling.
Whether it is casual or serious use, thinking about form and function can help you invest better. A good bag for casual use is the Dooney & Bourke Pebble Grain Small Lexington Tote Bag from Belk. It has ample space and is designed for carrying common essentials.
The size and overall shape of the tote bag will depend on its use and the needs it has to cater to.
The material that makes the bag is also a factor you must consider. Choose wisely.

Select The Material
Durability and shelf life are two important considerations for new buyers. Bags made of canvas generally last the longest when compared to bags made of other materials. These can be carried to the beach. But leather is also a good option if you have a higher budget and can take care of it. If you don’t want to splurge on leather, polypropylene is your answer.

Research well and choose wisely. Happy shopping!

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