Top 3 Assisted Living Centers for the Elderly

Assisted living centers for senior citizens have changed a lot in the last few years. Today, these places have become very senior-friendly and are much more comfortable than they used to be in the past. Today, assisted living centers for the elderly have become customized care centers where seniors can enjoy their lives and participate in activities that make them happy. It is safe to say that assisted living centers have hit the right balance between providing care and letting the seniors feel at home.

Aegis Living
Aegis is a Redmond, Washington-based assisted living center for the elderly. It is pet-friendly at nearly all the locations and has been designed keeping in mind the needs of seniors who require wheelchairs and assisted walking facilities. Aegis provides appetizing meals to its residents. Additionally, a physician is always present at the center. Other doctors, like dentists and therapists, are available on call too. Most of the care centers help patients with memory problems or behavioral issues lead a comfortable and life. At some locations, Aegis also provides vegetarian food. The minimum age for entry in Aegis Senior Homes is 65 years.

Integral Senior Living
Integral Senior Living is one of the top assisted living centers for elderly citizens. It owns 48 communities within the country, and they have numerous centers in Arizona and California. It is the 17th largest senior living provider in the country. It specializes in assisted living, memory care, and independent living. For more than 18 years, this brand has managed to deliver top-quality senior living setups along with modern and satisfying workplaces. The minimum age required to start living in one of these centers is 55 years. All the centers have a resident physician present at all times, and other doctors and therapists are available on call too. They provide many food options, and patients can choose meals depending on their health conditions.

American House Senior Living Communities
American House Senior Living Communities is the 31st largest senior living provider in the country. It is well-known for its hospitality, housing, and personal care, and it has been taking care of seniors for more than 30 years now. This assisted living center for the elderly is an independent living setup. However, it does provide assisted living care at three of its locations in the states of Michigan and Florida.

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