Top 3 alcohol rehab centers in California

Substance abuse has ruined and claimed several lives worldwide. People get addicted to drugs or alcohol due to a variety of reasons, but the repercussions of leading such a hazardous lifestyle can be fatal. However, there’s a ray of hope for people who wish to retrace their steps back to sobriety; they can check themselves into an alcohol rehab center and begin their journey towards abstinence from drugs or alcohol.

The first step in rectifying one’s mistake is introspection. The individual needs to accept that they are addicted to the substance, and they are willing to seek help to get better. If such is the case, and one is on the quest to find the best alcohol rehab centers in California, here are some of the effective alcohol rehab centers in the state of California.

  • Apex Recovery – Apex Recovery Rehab is one of the leading drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers in San Diego, California. The alcohol treatment center accepts the fact that every patient is different, and they need to devise different ways to ensure that the patient is cured of their addiction. This drug and alcohol rehabilitation center offers a variety of programs such as drug counseling, motivational counseling, stages of change, medication management, individual treatment planning, trauma therapy, and holistic healing.
  • Sober College – As the name indicates, this place is meant for people who wish to reacquaint themselves with sobriety and are willing to make efforts to do the same. This alcohol rehab center is set amidst the scenic Woodland Hills and has been rated as one of the popular alcohol rehab centers in California. This alcohol and drug rehab center meant for young adults ranging between 18 and 26 years provides everything needed to help combat the addiction, from detox to long-term treatment options, which also include extensive fitness programs and creative arts programs.
  • Journey Malibu – The solitude offered by nature can have a positive impact on an individual trying to find their way back to normal life. This lavish alcohol and drug rehab center, nestled on the coast of Malibu in California is equipped with different therapies that are instrumental in helping individuals deal with their addiction. It is an inpatient alcohol rehab center that assures the patients of confidentiality and ensures that they receive the best treatment from a team of experienced doctors and therapists.
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