Top 10 theme parks around the world

Among the various pleasures that one can derive while on vacation, the words theme park instantly conjure up images of a day spent in excitement and fun! This is the perfect way in which the entire family can have a super time and build some great memories. So whether you are vacationing in the country or internationally, here is a list of theme parks that are the most popular all over the world!

Disneyland: This Florida-based entertainment hub called Walt Disney World is a long standing favorite that definitely takes the cake with its rendition of all your favorite Disney characters and movies. The Magic Kingdom is one that makes it one of the top amusement parks in the entire world.

Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise: This is a sea world-based amusement park, situated in Japan. It is well known for the 500 varieties of fish and other sea life that it houses.

Universal Studios: There are various branches of the Universal Studios, which can be found in other parts of the world as well. Yet, the studios that one can visit in California and Florida are by far the most popular because it recreates the various sets and movie stars along with many thrilling rides and activities that one can indulge in.

Tokyo Disneyland: This one has been fashioned exactly along the same lines as the Disneyland in Florida, and it is a hot entertainment center for most people visiting this part of the world. This theme park concluded its 30th anniversary in 2013.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom: The animal kingdom is located in Florida and built by Disney as an informative and fun center where one can see many different species at their most natural best.

Islands of Adventure: Get eaten by dinosaurs and get rescued by adventure – these are just a few of the favorite things to do at Florida’s Islands of Adventure! You can take various rides for some thrilling, seat gripping action.

Ferrari World: If speed excites you, then you must visit the Ferrari World in Dubai. This is one great place where you can literally test the limits by taking to the testing tracks for some of the world’s fastest vehicles. You can also get some great world cuisine and other delights while you are here!

Everland: This is one of South Korea’s largest theme parks, which features some jungle species along with many other exciting attractions. You can try out the various rides or simply walk around and enjoy the animals in their naturally recreated habitats here.

Nagashima Spa Land: This is one of Japan’s most well-known theme parks where one cannot leave without trying out the oh-so-exciting dragon roller coaster ride!

Europa Park: This Germany-based theme park is a famous one that features many rides, activities and other informative attractions. You will also find some of the top-class restaurants in this place.

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