Tips to pick the right bridesmaid dresses

When you have to zero in on the best bridesmaid dresses to make your bridal party a hit, there are so many factors from your own bridal dress that you have to consider to ensure that you pick the best ones for your bridesmaids. During the course of selection, both the bridal dress and the bridesmaid dresses should be well matched so that there is a sense of fluidity in the setting rather than random and unthoughtful dress choices. Always factor in what dresses your bridesmaids would like to wear because they are the ones who are going to stand by you in the most important moment of your life, so go ahead and make them feel loved. Look for matching fabrics and colors and choose a type of dress that suits the overall wedding style. Here are a few particular tips that can help you pick the best bridesmaid dresses.

  • Try to look for a unifying element between your bridal dress and the bridesmaid dresses. This element could be the wedding theme, the shade, design, neckline, or the fabric of the bridal dress. Some element that can match and blend with the bridal dress will provide a picture-perfect look for both the bride and the bridesmaids.
  • Matching the fabrics of the bridesmaid dress with the whole wedding party can provide a unison look. Let’s say the bride picks a taffeta shift dress and the bridesmaid dresses are soft and flowy gown made of chiffon, there would be no synchronization in the aesthetics of the clothing. Hence, picking a fabric that blends well lends a lot of support for the whole wedding theme.
  • You should also try to choose the right length for the bridesmaid dress. Even if not all the dresses look the same, the length of the dress should be uniform. This is a common aspect that has proven to be a trendy element between the bride and bridesmaid dresses.
  • Always pick a style of dress that allows your bridesmaids to look comfortable and elegant. And doing some alterations as per the wish of your bridesmaid shows that you care for their wishes as well. You should always have an ear out to listen for how your bridesmaid feels about a design that you had in mind and look for a common ground where all your wishes are fulfilled.
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