Tips to make cheap clothes look expensive

Women do not want to wear cheap clothes that don’t fit well or which gives a flimsy look and get themselves embarrassed in front of their friends or loved ones. Even a cheap piece of clothing can be made to look expensive by tweaking them a little. Modifying the fit, replacing cheap buttons, choosing the right color are some of the very few tips of making a cloth look expensive. Let’s take a look at some of the tips which makes the impossible, possible for women.

Getting the cloth tailored

Even a $10 skirt can look better and expensive than a $300 skirt in the hands of an experienced designer. With a few stitches, even the most lackluster piece of clothing can look appealing in front of others. If ready-made clothes don’t fit well, it is best to take it to tailor and get it stitched to the perfect fit. Proper fit helps a lot in making a cheap piece of clothing look better.

Replacing Buttons

Cheap clothes for women come with equally cheap buttons which instantly catch others attention. It is always better to ditch cheap looking buttons and replace them with something rich like metal ones or even pearls. One can even harvest buttons by taking them from clothing they no longer wear. Buttons can also be bought at eBay for cheap prices.

Limited Washing of Clothes

One would always want their clothes to be clean and would love to wash them often which actually damages the fabric. Repeated washing wears down the fabric causing the color to fade off. It is always better to clean a specific spot with brush or sponge rather the entire cloth. Stinky clothes can be dealt with by keeping them in a freezer overnight.

Keeping it simple

It is always better to invest in simple clothing which is cheap. Clothes with lot of embroidery and embellishments are a strict no as they can look overdone and may not give you an elegant look. It is best to stream line ones appearance before choosing a particular piece of clothing. Also, comfort should be kept in mind for the type of clothes you choose.

Getting a steamer

Be it a cheap clothing or costly, wrinkles make them look cheap either way. Ironing the clothing is the simplest solution but there are some fabrics that cannot be ironed. It is best to own a steamer which can blast even the toughest wrinkles in a couple of minutes. Steam a cloth and leave it with open windows overnight. The cool air will neutralize the odor and the clothing will be ready for wearing the next day.

By following the above-mentioned tips, even a simple fabric can be made to look livelier and more attractive.

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