Tips to maintain your car batteries

Car batteries store the required energy to start a car and keep it running. It helps in storing the required energy to power the car. A battery works perfectly well for three to five years but regular maintenance and testing with the mechanic will ensure it functions without any problems. Maintaining car batteries by checking and cleaning them on a regular basis and charging them when necessary is essential.

Here are few tips to maintain car batteries and extend its life:

Locating the battery in your car: Usually most of the cars have a heavy duty plastic case which has two terminals that connect to the negative and positive wires of the car. The terminals are made of brass.

Check the battery’s water level once in two months (only if it’s a a non maintenance free wet cell battery): There are two types of car batteries. One is a wet cell battery and the other is an Absorbed Glass Matt (AGM) battery. In an AGM battery it is not required to check the water levels as it usually never runs out of water. However, in a non maintenance free wet cell battery it is required that the water levels are checked once in two to three months. In this case the water should not touch the bottom of the refill hole.

Clean the battery terminals with a wire brush: Cleaning the battery terminals with a wire brush every six to eight months is essential. This can be done by removing the connectors from the battery terminal by gently moving them.

Coat the battery with grease which is made for high temperatures: Applying grease on the battery will help protect the battery from rusting and corrosion. You must regularly clean the top of the battery and the corrosion on the cables using a tablespoon of baking soda, a non-metallic brush and some water. This is to ensure the longevity of the batteries.
Inspect the cell voltage: When your car has gone for a service or an oil change ask the mechanic to test the voltage. They can check the voltage and charge for you, and offer products that may help with the battery maintenance.

Check the battery insulator if your car has one: Few cars have insulators which protect the battery from high temperatures. These insulators have a fluid which can be dried out and it should be replaced.

Another most important tip to maintain your car battery is by taking it to the mechanic or service centre on a regular basis and getting your car inspected.

Happy Driving!

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