Use these tips if you wash clothes in front load washers.

When compared with the types of washers that are available in the market, front load washers are considered to be more efficient as they use less water and less detergent when compared to their top-load and other counterparts. If you wash your clothes in a front load washer, here are some tips to wash your clothes effectively for better results.

  • Be sure to lay out your clothes, regardless of whatever kind they are, in the open so that excess moisture can be dried out.
  • Additionally, after you take out your clothes from the front load washers, keep them on a shelf or a hanger because merely bundling them up will cause them to wrinkle.
  • Do alternate between jackets, jumpers, sweaters, and other such items so that they can retain their shape and not be worn out.
  • Dyed clothes are at more risk of getting damaged by sun rays, as it is best to leave such clothes in the closet instead of hanging them outside.
  • If you were out on a beach, there are chances that your clothes might have traces of salt. Soak them in the water before putting them in front load washers as salt in clothes can damage the drum.
  • Exercise caution when using creams and lotions as they can damage your clothes during the summer season.
  • Make sure your clothes are stain-free before storing them with food stains can attract insects.
  • Mildew is yet another problem that can be encountered. This happens when you leave your clothes folded in a damp state after taking them out from front load washers.
  • Another thing that can provoke mildew is stuffing your clothes into plastic bags after removing them from front load washers. This happens due to excess of moisture in such storage conditions.

These are some things you need to keep in mind while taking care of your clothes. Follow these tips to keep your clothes clean and fresh for longer time.

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