Tips to Get Quick Relief from Burning Feet Pain

A burning sensation in your feet is uncomfortable. It is a result of nerve damage in the legs, a condition popularly known as neuropathy. There are many conditions which contribute to the onset of burning feet and its associated pain, the most common of which is diabetes. The treatment for this disease focuses on reducing pain and prevention from inflicting further damage to the nerves. Damaged nerve fibers can misfire and become overactive. They send pain signals to the brain even when there is no apparent wound. Here is how you can seek burning feet pain relief and live a pain-free life once again.

Burning feet pain relief
The most important thing to keep in mind is to manage all factors that may cause ongoing nerve damage. In some cases, treating the disease will improve neuropathy and its associated symptoms. In other cases, where no apparent cause is identified, your doctor will focus on treating you on the basis of your symptoms.

People suffering from diabetic neuropathy need to maintain normal blood sugar levels to ensure that they do not further aggravate the condition. You will need to take certain medicines, injections and make a change in your diet. For people with other forms of neuropathy causing burning feet, you need to ensure that you are preventing the further infliction of nerve damage. Read on to know how you can seek burning feet pain relief.

  • In case the pain is caused due to a vitamin deficiency, take vitamin B12 supplements or injections to get your vitamin range back to normal.
  • In pain caused due to the excessive consumption of alcohol, avoid drinking alcohol as a whole or cut down considerably.
  • Take oral thyroid hormones if you are suffering from the disease due to hypothyroidism.
  • If you are suffering from the disease due to CIDP and GBS, plasma exchange or immune globulin therapy are your best options.

Most people suffering from neuropathy experience nerve damage in the feet first. This is why they experience burning feet and its associated numbness, tingling and extreme pain. People complain that their feet are extremely sensitive to touch and that they experience varying degrees of pain. Some people are lucky and suffer from mild pain while the unfortunate suffer from extreme pain. Cut down on alcohol and seek treatment for diabetes to avoid contracting this disease. If you are already suffering from the disease, opt for the burning feet pain relief options mentioned above.

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