Tips to choose the right wedding dress as per your body type

A wedding is one of the most important occasions for the people getting married. Also, it is an uber-special day for all associated family members. Therefore, choosing the perfect type of clothing for such an occasion is really very important. Considering that there are various types of dresses available in the market, choosing the one that will suit an individual’s body type becomes difficult.

Here are a few will tips that will help you choose the perfect type of wedding clothing as per your body shape.

For a pear-shaped body
If you have wider hips as compared to your shoulder, then it means you have a pear-shaped body. In such a case, you should go with a skirt, which has flares starting above the hips and goes right down the floor. It will make you look stunning as well as hide your wide hips, enhancing your body in a possible way.

For an apple shape
If your shoulders are wider as compare to your hips, then you have an apple shaped body. In such an instance, you should go for a scooped neckline or a strapless body-hugging gown. Such a clothing will make you look pretty as the cut of the gown will accentuate your curves and make you look sleek and chic.

For a plus-sized body
If your hips, bust, and shoulder are wide, then you should go for a dress which has flares, starting just below the bust and touches the ground. This will make you look slender, giving you a stylish look. Add the right accessories and look more beautiful than ever.

For a straight body type
If your waist, bust, and hips are in shape, then you should go for a wedding clothing which his fit at the top and flowy at the bottom. This will accentuate your body shape and will garner attention on your wedding day.

Now that you have a fair idea of the various shapes and dresses which suits any body type, get ready to look the prettiest and grab everyone’s attention. Do not follow a trend blindly; choose what looks best on you. Remember, it is your wedding, perfect clothing and style are necessary.

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