Tips to choose the right snowboard gear

Offseason is sometimes the best time to buy snowboarding equipment as retailers and manufacturers are trying to offload unsold goods and give stuff away. Much of this stuff is sold online. Even if it’s your first snowboard, it is always good to buy the best snowboard. You will get a lot of different types and affordable snowboards.

There are hundreds of snowboards out there. You will find the right style, type of snowboard according to your preferred riding style and conditions. A few things to keep in mind while buying a board are camber profile, width, graphics, color, flex, etc. are the characteristics that separate one snowboard from another.

A person who loves snowboarding will choose a board that has a stiff flex which is required for stability, a good balance, and response. Regular camber is needed for all around control and a hybrid camber shape for middle ground stiffness. Reinforced edges take a beating and can handle icy conditions.

Freestyle riders who spend their time in a park need a park snowboard. These boards are shorter, lighter, and flexible. They are perfect for grabs, jibs, spins, grinding rails, and playful riding. Speedsters, however, need a freeride board which are typically stiffer boards and feature longer lengths. These boards perform very well in varied terrains and groomed runs.

A few categories to help you shop for a good and affordable snowboard are as follows:

  • Big mountain snowboards are used to describe competitive freeride. Only skilled downhill riders take part in this challenge.
  • Split tail snowboards: Some powder boards have the fish cut. This helps the nose float even on the deepest powder days.
  • Splitboards is a special piece of equipment. These boards actually break in half to create two skis. The climbers climbing and have a better upward mobility. When you reach your destination, you can reconnect the two halves and ride downhill.
  • Powder snowboards are designed for riders who spend most of their time in varied terrains. Bindings on the boards are placed back to help the rider float over powders.
  • Carving and race snowboards: Carving snowboards are the narrowest. They are narrower than freestyle and narrow construction combined with stiff flex are excellent for clean and sharp carvings.
  • Beginner snowboards: There is no such technical category in its own right. Beginner snowboards are the more affordable snowboard gear around. They feature a rockered shape which facilitates easier turns. The softer overall flex and directional twin shapes are commonly seen in this category.
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