Tips to buy a bomber jacket

Bomber jackets have come a long way from where they were first created to be a functional apparel for fighter pilots. Today, they occupy a significant place in the high fashion clothing world. They are stylish and versatile.
Before buying a bomber jacket, this guide will help you to keep a few tips in mind. Have a look at the following.

Pay attention to the fit
The bomber jacket should fit almost like a tailored blazer, slim on the body and snug on the shoulders. It should not be uncomfortably tight as you might have to layer it with other items of clothing underneath.

Pay attention to the fabric
Depending on whether you want a one bomber jacket for all seasons or different for each, you can choose from a range of materials from leather to wool to suede to polyester. The most preferred is a leather bomber jacket. This lends itself to a contemporary and stylish look and works with almost any kind of pairing. From worn sneakers, ripped shirts and faded jeans to a more polished outfit, the leather bomber jacket is made to team with most attire. Leather bomber jackets work best for cold weather. They are known for their durability and thickness, giving them one up over the nylon ones. They are also waterproof. Leather is mostly blended with suede for a brilliant look. One of the looks that work best is a leather and suede bomber jacket with a white or black shirt and formal shoes.

Pay attention to the fastening of the zip
A zip fastening is the most common in bomber jackets. To get the best out of your jacket, go for a double ended zip or a snap fastener. These will give you more options on how to wear the jacket.

Pay attention to the color of the jacket 
There are green, blue, tan and printed jackets. Neutral colors work best because of their versatility with any colored outfits. One of the most stylish is a tan jacket. A tan bomber jacket can be paired with any number of colors and outfits to get the maximum effect. For instance, tan bomber jackets can be paired with navy jeans for a comfortable look, with tan bomber jackets with gray hounds-tooth suit pants for a refined look, with black pants for off-duty events, with black chinos for an elegant look, with khaki dress pants and white sneakers for an out of the stylish look

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