Things you must consider while buying from the cooktop range

A Cooktop range refers to appliances which include both cooktop and oven in a single appliance. The purchase of a range is a big investment and it impacts the style, day to day functionality and usability of your kitchen.

Depending on your choice of gas ranges or electric cooktops, you need to consider the following:

  • Type – The first thing to consider is the type, based on the fuel used to operate the appliance. Ranges can be either natural gas or electricity operated, but there are some that come with dual fuel mode, that is, they have both gas burner as well as an electric oven. Electric ovens are preferred over gas, for their ability to maintain an even and consistent temperature. On the other hand, versatility and fast response time make gas cooktops a preferred option for serious cookers.
  • Slide-in vs Freestanding– Freestanding models are less expensive. The slide-in ones, on the other hand, have unfinished sides and the oven controls are on the front. The counters are overlapped by the top, designed to surround it. Slide-in ranges are also easier to clean.
  • Size– Most ranges are 30 inches wide. 36inches Pro-style ranges are also available. Certain large pro-style models are available too but are very expensive. They have extra burners and a larger oven capacity.
  • Capacity– Oven space which is usable, varies widely depending on two factors. If you are an entrepreneur or an avid baker, make sure to compare the oven capacities of the models you are considering. Generally, 2-3 cubic feet is enough for one to two people and for three to four people, 3-4 cubic feet is sufficient.
  • Other options– The other options or features to consider when buying a cooking range are safety, such as warning lights, control lock function etc. Safety features for cooktops are especially useful and essential for families with small children.

Keep the above in mind when buying a cooktop range!

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