Things to know about the security of Safelink phones

Safelink wireless has instilled new hope for people who cannot afford smartphones. It is indeed a great initiative by the government that provides free cell phones and data for low-income families.

Safelink phones are networked by TracFone wireless carrier. The cell phones compatible with Safelink wireless are prepaid and very basic.

How secured are Safelink phones?

In today’s times, where information is so easily available, one question that crosses everyone’s mind is this: are Safelink phones secured? Since Safelink phones are government aided, security is of utmost importance. To prevent secured information from getting leaked, Safelink phones are enabled with Secure Socket-Layered technology to decipher the information that can possibly get leaked through its website. All web pages of Safelink are secured. The Applicant can check if the URL of the website begins with HTTPS instead of HTTP. Once the secured website is verified, only then can the applicant enter his personal information there.

Applying for Safelink Phones

Application for Safelink phones can be done through the website by entering your zip code. Once you have identified the free government Safelink programs in your area, you can apply in person by sending documents like your social security number and income proof for verification purpose. Once verified, the applicant receives the cell phone and service in about 2 weeks.


TracFone is the carrier that carries out the Safelink wireless service. It is a part of the Lifeline program—a government initiative that is dedicated to providing cell phones and services to low-income groups. Though this service varies from state to state, Lifeline services are funded by Federal Universal Service Fund. Under the Lifeline program, the applicant can get one free cell phone with service per household. The applicant gets 250 free minutes per month and a specified amount of free text. Once the amount of free minutes is exhausted, the applicant will have to recharge the service by adding additional data. Additional data can be renewed online or from TracFone service centers.

Safelink phones are easily available and very secure, so you need not worry about security breaches. This program has been very successful among eligible Americans.

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