Things to consider while buying a gold chain

This might come across as a hyperbole, but almost everyone guards their precious jewelry with their life. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, so are platinum, gold, silver, and every other precious metal on the face of the earth. Everyone loves to indulge themselves at some point of time. Some people go backpacking to the places that held their fancy forever, while some buy something they had always set their heart upon while window shopping. If you belong to the latter category of people, then every time you feel you should be pampered, you might set out to buy some cute jewelry that had caught your eye.

A woman has a lot of options when it comes to choosing a jewelry. There are chains, necklaces, earrings, rings, anklets, and everything that you can see on the ramp. However, the classic gold chain is an eternal favorite. A gold chain is an ornament that can be worn by you and your grandmother alike. So, if the precious yellow metal has caught your fancy and you just waltzed into a jewelry shop to buy a gold chain, there are certain things one must take care of. Such as these:

The first thing you notice about the gold chain is how it feels in your hands. You have to check whether the gold chain is solid, or merely gold plated, or hollow, which happens in certain cases. There is marked difference in these gold chains. The gold-plated chains start looking old after some time, this is because the plating wears off. The solid one is expensive compared to the hollow ones and lasts longer than the rest. So, check before you buy.

Make sure you check the karat of the gold chain before you plan on buying it. Karats are a measurement of the purity of gold. Low karat gold chains can give you an allergy in certain cases and they have very less exchange value. 24 karat gold is the purest you would ever find.

You need to be sure that your gold chain, though beautiful is sturdy enough. You wouldn’t want to lose it. Check for the clasp and see it is good enough to hold out through the years. A lobster clasp on your gold chain means safety.

Gold chains are available in different patterns. Always go for the ones with a smooth surface instead of the ones with twirls. Your hair might get stuck in these twirls and you wouldn’t want to ruin your precious hair.

So, when you venture out to buy a gold chain, make sure you follow these commandments, so that you won’t regret your choices later.

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