The Pizza Mania Is Here to Stay

Pizzas are the star of any game night. Could there be anything better than a cheesy, spicy pizza and all your friends with you for a game night? Special days call for special pizzas. As far as games go, Super Bowl and NBA finals are the times when fans go crazy. The demand for Domino’s Pizza spikes up to 350% during these days. Most pizzerias offer pizza specials to encourage friends to assemble at one place, enjoy the game, and feast on pizza. Cheering on your favorite team, and singing team anthems with a pizza slice in hand have become traditions and part of our country’s culture. The craze starts several days before the finals, and it peaks a few hours before the last game. Pizza outlets make the most of this time as they expect the demand to hit the roof. To get a lead over their competitors, they provide special deals, BOGO offers, as well as discounts on large orders, add-ons, and gift coupons. There were more than 50 pizza specials lapped up by fans during the Super Bowl 2018. 48 million people ordered takeouts. Pizza Hut offered a free pizza to the members of their loyalty program if any team scored a touchdown in the first 14 seconds of the game. Some fast food restaurants offered discounts for the entire Super Bowl weekend. Pizzas, sodas, and chicken wings build the game’s atmosphere for fans who are watching from home. The screaming, yelling, and singing to express excitement during these games are complete only when accompanied by a slice of pizza.

Not only game nights, recently, weddings have also begun to feature pizza specials. A lot of people have pizzas at their weddings, either to save costs or to add a quirky element to the food menu. To add some elegance and style, people serve trendy gourmet pizzas with a healthy base and toppings. Some pizzerias bake the pie in a wood oven right in front of the guests. Along with traditional catering, pizzas are also getting a makeover and are gradually gaining acceptance as a part of fine dining. Remove the regular cheese and replace it with ricotta. Do away with the tomato sauce and use hummus instead. Serve a sweet pizza with fruit toppings. You can make a pizza with locally grown produce and bake it in a wood oven. All of these changes have transformed the avatar of pizzas completely. You only need your imagination to make your pizza special.

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