The intricate design of Nike’s Shox and Romaleos

Since the company’s founding in 1964, Nike shoes have been off to a staggering start. Designing shoes for men, women, and young girls and boys, Nike shoes are now very prominent all over the world. Their logo and tagline are so overwhelmingly popular that in most countries, Nike has removed the noticeable display of the company name in signboards outside their stores.

Introduced in 2000, Nike Shox shoes are continuing to be in demand even now. Shox, a new sole technology developed by Nike in their athletic sports shoes includes a rubberized support system on the sole of the shoes. While Shox has different kinds, the most basic arrangement of four small hollow circular columns in the midsole supporting the shoe’s heel is the most common. The rectangular Shox too provides good stability to the wearer and there is a third variety where the midsoles of some athletic shoes are entirely made of Shox and provide a good cushioning effect, like that in the TL series. In the Nike Shox shoes, these rubber columns in the midsole are designed in such a way that they absorb impact in order to provide responsive cushioning and superior comfort and support for the feet. The bouncy feeling from Nike Shox gives the rebound from your step to deliver a zero-gravity feel.

The Nike Romaleos, on the other hand, is a special lightweight range designed for those who are into weightlifting. The flywire cables and nylon midfoot strap in the Nike Romaleos offer a dynamic lockdown needed for greater strength, especially for weightlifting. The two interchangeable insoles provide soft or firm support and stability to match the needs of your physical exercise or sports regimen. Particularly suitable for advanced weightlifters, the synthetic leather that Nike Romaleos is made of is a reinforcement and allows breathability like never before and is highly recommended for comfortable Olympic lifts, deadlifts and high and low bar squats. The solid rubber outsole provides durable traction and resistance required for weightlifting.

Whichever Nike shoes you plan to buy, depending on the sporting requirement, be assured that you can romp away to victory!

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