Some of America’s whackiest theme parks

America has been long known for the many tourist attractions that it has on offer for people all over the world. There is something or the other that people of various age groups can enjoy, and many other things that one can do with the entire family. This is also the nation of weekends where people like to indulge in the various weekend activities to be found along its freeways and shores. From the entertaining to the whacky, America’s theme parks are some of the best known on the global scene even as most of them have been replicated in other parts of the world including Europe and Asia.

While we may all have heard of the various rides and attractions available in places like Disneyland and Universal Studios, there are many other whacky theme parks that can get the fun factor back in our lives. So here is a list of all the unique theme parks that one can find in the country!

Diggerland: If construction and building blocks have been your thing, then you do not really have to go back to being a child to enjoy the same again! You can simply show up at Diggerland in New Jersey for some hardcore construction action. The various rides will help you try your hand at the controls of several heavy machinery even as you get on rides like the Spin Dizzy and others for a spot of excitement!

Action Park: Based in Vernon, this theme park has been named as one of the most dangerous theme parks in America. So, if adrenaline spikes are your thing, then you know where to head this vacation! While the park had shut down for a while, it has been reopened on popular demand with some of its most exciting rides geared to make you scream with delight.

Tweetsie Railroad Wild West: This is another thrilling theme park that brings cowboys and Indians right back into fashion! The sets have been recreated to give you an old world feel even as the charm is layered with many thrilling games and rides. Your kids can also go mining for gold and have a field day at the Happy Trails Toy Shop, once they are done with all the work and play!

Creation Museum: This is a museum plus a theme park based in Petersburg, Kentucky. This theme park is renowned for its myriad attractions when it comes to educating and entertaining. You can visit the various sections to find out more about how things were made or how they evolved. Further, the dinosaur section is one of the most popular attractions in this theme park where both children and adults have a great time with all the information that has been recreated in a real-time setting. This 70,000 square foot space has many roller coaster and other rides. The real terror-filled activity, however, is the one that teaches you about the evolution of antibiotic resistant bacteria!

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