Skin care advice every dermatologist gives

We go to dermatologist when we face problems related to skin, hair and nails. Though these problems are not life threatening, they still are problem enough and demand to be cured.

Most people go through issues like acne, pimples, excessive dry or oily skin, yellow nails, thinning hair, hair loss, stagnant hair growth, damaged hair, facial hair removal and many such problems. Though an expert help is mostly needed to solve these problems, an expert opinion will help even more to avoid these problems.

Here are some tips and advice to avoid skin related problems from the dermatologists.

First, they break your myths on skin care. Not all natural skin care products are safe. Natural remedies are good but there is a right way to use them. Knowing about all the ingredients you put in natural remedies should be used the right way in the right amount and at the right time. Don’t believe everything you read on the internet. (ironic, yes!)

SPF are not just for sunny days. You are supposed to use SPF even in the evening and on non-sunny days to protect your skin from getting damaged from harmful rays. You need an SPF in winters and monsoons just as much as you need them in summers.

If you have oily skin, don’t wash your face too often and don’t avoid a moisturizer. You only need to wash your face twice a day and not more than that. A moisturizer is important even for oily skin as it will not make your skin oilier, but improve the amount of water you skin retains.

Do not ex foliate more than once a week. Ex foliation helps in clearing out your skin but it is not easy on your skin and must be restricted to only once a week.

Another thing dermatologists suggest is you must try to consume healthy food as much as possible. Junk and artificially sweetened food will only make your skin problems worse. Healthy and balanced diet helps you cure your skin and hair problems faster if you are on medications or using certain creams prescribed by the dermatologist.

Right food must be consumed at the right time not just for skin and hair care, but also for overall health of a person. So, try and avoid eating as much junk as possible and say hello to a healthy lifestyle.

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