Save Big on Your Next Car Service with Sears Tires Coupons

Car maintenance is generally very expensive, and it is even more pricey when you have a high-end model. Apart from the regular maintenance of the car, having tires in the perfect condition is essential not just for the smooth functioning of the car but also for your safety. If you are someone who is always driving between cities and does a lot of off-roading with your trucks and jeeps, then it is essential to keep a check on the condition of your tires and get them replaced from time to time. Tires can be very expensive especially if you need to change all of them at once. Sears Auto usually has some of the best coupons that you can use for replacing your car’s tires, maintenance services, and other check-ups. They also have a range of coupons just for tires, both online and in their stores.

Here are four of the best Sears tires coupons that you can use for your next service at Sears Auto to save some money.

Up to $80 rebate on Goodyear tires
Goodyear has some of the best tires in the automobile industry. Their tires are long lasting and extremely durable. While their price is not the cheapest in the market, they do offer a lot of good discounts on tires through coupons with brand tie-ups such as Sears Auto! If you are looking to purchase brand new tires for your vehicle, then this coupon is the best one for you. When you buy 4 Select Goodyear tires, with this coupon you can enjoy up to $80 rebate by using the Goodyear Prepaid MasterCard card.

4 tires for $100
This is another excellent savings coupon for tires from Sears. If you are looking to completely replace your old, worn out tires, then this coupon will be a lifesaver for you. For just 100 dollars, you get 4 brand new Laufenn car tires which are otherwise very expensive, especially if bought individually. Do note that this offer is valid only if you choose to go with the installation of these tires at the Sears Auto shop. This is only an online discount which means that you will need to print and present this coupon at the store when you visit.

Free tire installation
With this coupon, you can purchase a set of four tires from any brand and get a completely free installation service by the Sears Auto shop team! You can choose from a wide range of tire brands such as Goodyear, Michelin, Laufenn, DieHard etc. but it is important to note that all four tires need to be of the same brand. You can easily walk into any store and present your online coupon to avail the discount. You need to purchase the installation at the time of your tire purchase, otherwise, it won’t be applicable. You can’t pair this coupon with other coupons.

4 truck tires for $200
Truck tires are generally bigger and more expensive as compared to regular automobile and car tires. With this coupon, you can purchase four Laufenn Truck tires for just 200 dollars! This is a very good value for the price, and you must definitely use this Sears tires coupon if you are looking to replace your truck tires. Do note that is important to purchase the installation service when you buy these tires so that you qualify for the savings coupon. You can get this online discount with the help of Sears tires coupons, and you will need to print it and present it at the store to avail the discount. Also, note that this coupon cannot be combined with other tires coupons that Sears Auto offers.

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