Samsung Galaxy Note 5 – to replace or not to replace?

Although the hype and hoopla around the sleek cell phone Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is understandable, do not write off Samsung Galaxy Note 5 yet. The nifty phone has a whole plethora of features that makes it quite unmatchable. So, the big question is, if you already own a Galaxy Note 5, should you go in for the Galaxy Note 7 or not? Well, truth be told, the answer is a yes and a no.

This article tells you why:

Design: Galaxy Note 5 scores over the Note 7 in this arena. In an effort to give Note 7 the edge-like aesthetics has ended up making it look fragile, and with all those shapes and curves, the user will have to practice immense caution at all times. The Note 5 scores better in this, with enhanced grip and a resting area, and is, in fact, slightly slimmer than Note 7.

Practicality: While the Note 5 doesn’t exactly feature an edge-to-edge display, it offers more screen-to-body ratio. Note 7, on the other hand, has accommodated additional features on the device such as sensors and fantastic iris scanning feature. On the whole, the Note 5 along with its nifty S-Pen gives the phone more edge, when it comes to phone use.

Screen: The screen and resolutions of both phones are the same, although the Note 7 scores more on features such as the ability to manually change into Full-HD and HD screen resolutions.

Battery: Galaxy Note 7 has a bigger battery (3500 mAh) as against the Note 5’s (3000mAh), and so is expected to last longer. However, Galaxy Note 5’s battery is no slouch either, giving close to 15 hours of battery life in moderate to heavy usage.

Extras: In this matter, the Note 7 has the double advantage of having dust and water resistance capabilities and a microSD card-cum-dual SIM slot (both can’t be used at the same time, however). Although, the Note 5’s dual SIM variant doesn’t support microSD card, it can support two SIM cards at the same time. So, it’s really a matter of user preference.

Variants: While the Note 7 offers a single 64GB model, Note 5 offers three variants 128GB, 64GB and 32GB.

All in all, while Note 7’s stylus has also introduced a few natty features, but, they aren’t something that you’d want to change your Note 5 for.

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