Safety Tips for Using the Portable Sawmill

As it has been seen over the years, the sawmill industry has been suffering from poor health and safety conditions, it is high time for the employers and employees to take proper safety measures. The rate of fatal accidents is seen to be four times higher than the other industries. This had led to the identity of the industry as a high-risk sector across the globe.

What are the general hazards of using saws?
It is found that the dangers related to the saws are seen on a large scale and only a few of them are mentioned here:

  • Production of the high noise level.
  • Accidents incur due to the trapping of the fixed machine bed and traveling table.
  • Struck by the log positioned on the table or traveling table.
  • Mix-up with the gripping equipment.
  • Physical contact with the portable sawmills which is in motion.

Is training effective?
If you are using any model of the Big Creek, Godwin, Harrigan Lumber Company, New England Forest Products Inc., or Ochoco Lumber Company, you need to be trained properly. Lack of training has proved several untimely deaths of the employees. In addition to the context, the formal training for the employees can manage the health and safety issues efficiently.

  • While training the employees, the employers must consider that the lack of experience in the workplace must be eliminated. The employees must be skilled in handling the complicated machinery.
  • In the training sessions, the understanding of the safe system of tasks must be understood by every trainee.
  • The training can assess the competence of the users to ensure who is efficient enough to operate the machinery.
  • Employees who are certified should only go for the sawmilling work as the organization then can have a detailed information of which employees are trained with the portable sawmill.

Turn off the machine
The portable sawmills seem to produce a high-level noise which can be menacing for the human health. Moreover, when the machine is running, people are susceptible to get affected by it. Carelessness or absent-mindedness can place any person straight in the hospital. In addition to the context, at the time of repairing or doing routine maintenance, the machine should be shut down to minimize the risk factors.

Portable chainsaws
For trimming separate logs before sending them into processing, the portable chainsaws play a huge role. However, the risk factors associated with the portable chainsaws cannot be discarded as anyone who is not familiar with the functioning of the sawmill may end up injuring himself severely. Without proper assistance, no employee should handle the device. When you are running a risk assessment for this kind of machine, you should keep in mind:

  • Whether there is sufficient first-aid available.
  • Proper maintenance of the chainsaw.
  • Check if the employees are competent and trained to work with the device.
  • Select the portable chainsaw with which the employees are comfortable in working.
  • Do not keep the chainsaw near young people or children.

Use of proper transportation
Thousands of accidents take place each year on the highways due to the fall of the devices on the road. People get knocked down or the cars get crushed by it or run over by sawmills. Even at the time of unloading and loading, accidents can take place.

  • The companies must pay heed to the transportation of the device into places. Additionally, they can take serious steps regarding reducing the risks of accidents taking place at the time of reversing and maneuvering.
  • The employers must also make sure that the drivers are well-trained in carrying such dangerous tools.
  • Keeping track of traffic movement of the route that is used for the delivering or transportation of the device.
  • With the help of the health and safety authority, the companies come up with effective procedures for minimizing the interaction between the pedestrians and motor vehicles carrying sawmills.
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