Role of pay per click in digital marketing strategy

What is pay-per-click management?

Pay-per-click (PPC) is a simple internet advertisement tool where the advertiser display the ads in search engines like Google, yahoo and Bing. When a user clicks on it a fee will be transacted from the advertiser to the publisher. These listings appear on the top alongside above the non-paid organic search results. You would have noticed those ‘Ad & sponsored’ symbol marked with yellow label beside the links, those are the pay-per-click advertisements. The search engine is paid every time the user clicks on the sponsored links. These ad sites are given for auction and you can bid the maximum amount you are willing to pay-per-click to the publishers.

Why is PPC important to digital marketing?

Pay-per-click advertisement can attract more traffic due to its base. If you spend more and get the top most position possible customers will see your ad first. If your ad is well written, people are more likely to search for key phrases on which you bid and you will start receiving clicks once the ad is activated. Hence, its marketing spend is quick. With the help of some systems for instance Google Ad Words you can whip up targeted views within few minutes of launching an account. Unlike other organic ads that lags months behind reshaping audience behavior, pay-per-click has the unbeaten ability to adjust in hours or days according to the consumer’s interest and market conditions.

Why could PPC ads be challenging?

You might face cost fluctuations really quick. It is highly common to bid on the selective key word extra and end up spending more than their potential return. Certain CEO/ marketers or someone of a self-esteemed company increases the bidding price to rise the per click cost for highly searched phrases. This inflation is a tie up between the advertiser and the publishers who levy quality restrictions on many keywords. Sometimes there will be situations where you receive lots of people viewing your website and very less turns out to be profitable.

Role of PPC advertising:

You can make changes to the campaign to your need. Pay-per-click advertisement is the best to create a kick for your short-term campaign of a new product. You can design it within a day and make changes during the mid-duration period and get the traffic focus for an amount of time. Since online shopping has showed a steady increase people who prefer to buy things at a click than going out for purchase in that case pay-per-click is the perfect tool.

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