Renovating your kitchen – The Lowe’s way

In the world of home design and decorating, there are a number of elements that must come together to create a well-rounded and wholesome look. The hardware and building materials are some of the essentials that can render high design values to your space. So, it would be worthwhile to choose these essentials from a store that stocks a range of brands to fit many budgets and homes.

Lowe’s is a well-known hardware and home improvement store in the USA, with the chain reaching out to service many corners of the country. It is not uncommon to hear terms like DIY and home decor in the same sentence with Lowe’s. This super store is a super specialty one that takes care of all your hardware needs from indoor to outdoor. It services many rooms of the home and also deals in all kinds of appliances for your space. So come and have a look at the various things you can avail here at Lowe’s in order to give your kitchen a wonderful makeover!

• Cabinets: One of the first things that we look for when we speak of a kitchen overhaul is the cabinetry. This is what defines the space and gives it a theme as well. At Lowe’s, you can choose from a wide variety of grains and hues to do up your cabinetry. You can also plan the placement and the number of shelves and doors so that you can choose the quantity of the wood or laminate as well as the glass accordingly. Before you hit the store, it would be worthwhile to take measurements and then choose the kind of cabinetry you want. You can find different materials for the shelves and different materials for the doors. From modern to classic, urban to countryside, you can find and avail a world of themes for your kitchen.

• Countertops: The countertops, much like the cabinets, will need some amount of planning before you go to the store to buy the material for installation later. Once you have decided on the overall theme and look for your kitchen, and once the cabinetry has been chosen, you can choose the countertops that will match best in terms of look and budget. You can pick from wood, granite, tiles and even steel countertops since a wide variety is available at Lowe’s stores. You can also do a contrast between the cabinets and the countertops for an interesting and bold look.

• Walls and backsplash: Decide on the color of the walls once you have chosen the cabinet colors and texture. This will also help you decide on the kind of backsplash that you want. For an urban theme, you can go in for a neat yet rugged warehouse look with slate or matte-finished tiles. For a classic look, you can choose tiles that feature a pretty pattern or some monogrammed words on them. This will also help in deciding the kind of lighting that you need to install in this space.

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