Questions to Ask a Breeder Before Getting a Boxer Pup

Boxers are silly, sweet, and mischievous. This breed may fool around with family and friends, but they are patient and spirited with children. They also show an angry persona to strangers and respond with unmatched courage to anything that they perceive as a danger to their family. A Boxer can be a companion and a guard dog. Boxers are the 11th most popular breed as per American Kennel Club. Before you buy a Boxer puppy on sale, here are some points to consider:

You can bring home a Boxer pup when they are about eight weeks old. If you do not have enough time to spend with them or if there is an infant in your home, you can consider bringing pups who are older and can be trained faster. These pups have immense energy, and they can develop behavioral issues if they are left unattended. Before buying a Boxer puppy on sale, you need to consider a few pointers. Has the tail been docked in a few days of birth? Have the ears been cropped? It is optional but if you want its ears cropped, the breeder can help you with the process as it is done between six and nine weeks from birth. It is recommended that you take the pup home after completing this procedure.

The breeder has to share documents related to the following things before offering Boxer puppies on sale:

  • Pedigree: A three or four generation pedigree information of the sire and dam as well as their American Kennel Club registration numbers.
  • Registration from AKC: This document contains all information such as the date of birth, pup’s registration number, sex, details about the sire and dam as well as the details of the breeder. A breeder must furnish this compulsory document during the sale of a Boxer puppy.

The breeder is also obliged to give you written information and papers regarding the following aspects:

  • Vaccination: Date and proof of the vaccination program for the pup. You can consult your vet for future shots based on this.
  • Worming: Date and agent used. Subsequent worming has to be done based on your vet’s recommendation.
  • Diet: It is better for you to continue the same diet regimen that the breeder has been following for the Boxer puppy. Introduce changes gradually. Once the pup has completely adapted to its new home, you can make significant changes. It is ideal to give the puppy two small meals a day.

Before buying a Boxer puppy on sale, make sure your house is “Boxer puppy-proof” as they love to chew on things.

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