Popular handbags of the Coach 1941 series

Handbags and Coach are a match made in heaven. If you’ve ever yearned for timeless classics, you may find the Coach 1941 series to satiate your appetite for the classical palette. From tote bag fans to duffle lovers, Coach has something to offer for all. Here are the top 5 designer handbags in the Coach 1941 series and here is why we think you should try them out.

Rexy Skinny 34 Tote
In glove tanned leather, the Rexy Skinny 34 Tote is a stylish black tote bag featuring an open-end design and ample space to fit all your essentials in. A bit on the bulky side in terms of volume, the interiors are well crafted with fabric lining and are tastefully designed. The best reason for trying this tote bag out is it’s mascot, Rexy. Who’d want to pass up such an adorable and monstrous tote bag?

Rogue 25 in Glove-Tanned Leather
A stylish white tote bag glove tanned in pebble leather with luxe suede linings. The Rogue 25 features flexibility with its removable shoulder straps and its top handles. Simply strut it along with its handle whenever you want or swing over your shoulders and let your hands relax for a change. Pure bliss. The best part? It’s spacious.

Rogue Bag in Embellished Patchwork Leather
This bag was inspired by the free spirited Coach-girl. It comes together in the ultimate definition of collage creativity. If you have ever wanted a seamless blend of patchwork consisting of a range of textures and colors, this handbag is for you. Glove tanned, embossed and natural pebbled leathers it’s the true essence of the psychedelic. Available on a black base.

Western Embroidery Rogue Bag in Pebble Leather
This bag is known as one of the best weekend getaway handbags in the fashion industry. The colorful nugget can pack a wallop of essentials plus give you the ultimate color palette. The floral embellishment and its flowing downward spiraling patterns give it a sense of Zen. The denim inspired contrast stitching adds an all new meaning to simplistic cool. A true bearer of the American spirit. It is also available in an alternative black edition.

Dinky 24 In Glove-Tanned Leather
If simplicity is really the ultimate sophistication, the Dinky 24 proves it. A modern spin to an iconic 1973 Coach design, the Dinky 24 allows handbag lovers to time travel to the past. The leather and chain strap brings out its elegance and adds a slight metallic feel to make it more stylish. The French purse inside will make every handbag collector’s day. This timeless classic is now available in both black and chalk.

You can find these and other collection on their website: www.coach.com

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