Personality traits of an english bulldog

It is hard to make out that the short, and a droopy face of an English bulldog could be an actual bull to its knees. Hence the name, English bulldogs were actually a breed that were made to assist English butchers to catch bulls for slaughter in the middle ages. Their powerful jaws were latched on to the prey’s neck bringing them down to their knees easily.

As the generations passed, the domestication of these prey hunters turned them into gentle belly rub lovers. In this article we will share with you, five universal personality traits of an English bulldog.

  • English bulldogs are engineered to hugely strong. It is one of the strongest dog breeds around the world given their height and overall build. Being heavily muscled, it is highly unlikely to win to win a tug of war from a bulldog. It is because of their innate strength, some English bulldog owners use a harness instead of a collar for their dogs.
  • Since they are strong and house massive power considering their size, English bulldogs can be stubborn on occasion. No amount of bribery or rewards in the form of treats can compensate if they just don’t want to do anything. Their stubbornness can make it a challenge to train them.
  • English bulldogs were bred for fighting and baiting. Even after banning dog fighting in the UK and other parts of the world, English bulldogs have endured to keep the traits of being loyal and protective towards their owners. An English bulldog can be very bold and stand its ground to protect its owner. However, lack of proper training can result into aggressive behavior. Proper training can will make some of the best loyal and protective English bulldogs who will form a lifelong bond with families tnt have adopted them.
  • English bulldogs are naturally muscular and stocky. They are one of those dog breeds that love their food. This usually lads to obesity and weight problems. Keeping this in mind, it is important to maintain a healthy weight for them. Excess weight can put an additional strain to their limbs and back and manifest into sorts of other health problems.
  • If not trained well, English bulldogs can be very lazy. They are notoriously counted among one of the most slow and laziest breeds of dogs, making them terrible partners for hiking and jogging. Keeping this in mind it is vitally important that an English bulldog receives enough exercise. To avoid any future health problems, incorporate short walks that suit your dog’s pace, gradually turning into long walks, and other high impact activities.
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