Know how to choose the best fabrics for your chair covers

While the primary function of chairs covers is to protect the chairs from any stains, scratches, and damage, they also improve the aesthetics of your living room. If you are creatively inclined and love to experiment with decorative elements that enhance the looks of your home, then you can choose among the several fabrics available in the market as each one of them render a mood to your room.

Some covers for chairs are disposable. Some others are used for a long-term, are durable, and are intended for regular use. These covers are usually washable and can be cleaned on a regular basis to ensure that they do not get dirty with regular use. You can also buy the recliner covers, slipcovers, sofas slipcovers, etc. according to the furniture that you have in your home.

Best fabrics for chair covers

Many different types of materials are used for making non-perishable chair covers for regular use. Some of them include cotton, linen, polyester, silk, organza, and vinyl. However, if you want something different, such as disposable chair covers, you can choose among paper, plastic, or poly tissue.

While fabrics like silk give a luxurious tone, fabrics like linen give an elegant look to the furniture. Thus, based on your preferences, you can choose the fabric for the chairs covers. Following are a few factors to ponder upon before opting for the fabric.

  • Design – The shape and design of your chair have a say on the preferred fabric as linen and cotton will look good on bold chairs while silk or polyester will not.
  • Color – The color of the fabric should match the décor of the house or the room.
  • Style – The style of the fabric should be selected so that it matches with the furniture that you intend to cover.
  • Texture – Check the texture of the fabric to make sure it goes well with the furniture and is comfortable for daily use.
  • Pricing – You should have a budget planned before you start shopping for the fabric since there are thousands of options, all priced differently.

An informed and well-planned fabric shopping will avoid your chair covers becoming a disaster.

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