How to select the perfect bridesmaid dress

If you take a close look at the different wedding magazines, you will end up believing that all the wedding parties comprise of some astonishingly beautiful models. But the reality is that your wedding party is definitely going to be made up of people who look no way like each other but their love towards you can’t be measured. The effort that’s expended into the hair, makeup, and choosing dresses will ensure your bridal party will look like models too!

Selecting the perfect dresses for your bridal party
Choosing the dresses for the bridesmaid is fun and exciting… and complicated. Here is a handful of easy tips to consider for making your girls look as pretty as you on your grand day.

Research well
Your first task is to have a clear idea about what you want to achieve. Here you should know about the individual preferences of your bridesmaids and look for inspiration around the web. You should also consider how the hairstyle and makeup should be. This is because these tiny aspects play a critical role in making the look complete. Do you want them in evening dress? Or something less formal? Tea length?

Style of the dress
Every woman has a different body shape and what may flatter one may not be as flattering on another. You should select a fabric and a color that suits all your bridesmaids. Consider having different styles or colors for your girl’s dresses. Something as simple as a different neckline can highlight their unique styles, but maintaining similarities. For instance, if you maintain the same hem or sleeves length, it can ensure the look is still consistent.

There are endless varieties of evening dress styles. Some common styles include the halter neck, one shoulder, and strapless. But you should note that what’s in vogue today may not be in fashion forever. You will never want to look back on the pictures of your wedding day and be accused of dressing your bridesmaids poorly to make you look better!

The color is important- not only must it match the theme of your wedding, but it has to suit all your wedding party. Modern weddings are sometimes opting for black, which is universally accepted. Consider keeping the dress style consistent, but allowing varying shades of the same color.

Ensure your bridal party are comfortable
Besides ensuring that the dresses fit the wedding theme, you must also make sure that your bridesmaids are comfortable wearing them. If your wedding is in the winter, don’t choose something too light, of too heavy for sweltering summer heat. Similarly, they must be comfortable in the style of dress. If they are constantly adjusting the dress, it will detract from their enjoyment of the day.

These few tips will help you choose the perfect evening dress for your bridesmaids.

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