How to pick the perfect tiles for your bathroom

Choosing the tiles that would suit your needs and give the right vibe can be a daunting task. At the same time, visualizing the output up front can be quite tricky. To get it done right, start with the basics and list down your expectations so that you will not get confused about how to pick tiles for your bathroom. Here are some ways with which you can shortlist the best bathroom tiles for your space.

The first step is to finalize the theme or the general look and feel of the bathroom that goes with the rest of the house seamlessly. Be it contemporary chic or a rustic look, this is the primary point or rather a restriction you place on yourself while going out on the hunt looking for the perfect tiles. With this sorted out, visualizing the patterns and color schemes becomes easier.

Size matter
Selecting the size and shape of the tiles is another crucial aspect before you decide on how to pick tiles for your bathroom. The tiles must be chosen based on the area of the bathroom. For smaller bathrooms, it’s advisable to go with larger tiles which are in vogue today. Similarly, choosing lighter shades will make bath space appear bigger than what it is.

One show stopper
It is entirely possible that there is this one tile design, which you may have seen in a hotel or at a neighbor’s house that you always wanted to have in your bathroom. It can be anything as fancy as a glass mosaic or a 3D tile for the walls or any particular pattern for the floor. Go ahead and mark it as your primary option and choose the rest of the tiles accordingly.

Practicality and functionality
When it comes to bathrooms, selecting the tiles based on the usage makes sense, especially from the maintenance and longevity perspective. Another significant aspect while deciding on how to pick zeroing in on the tiles for your bathroom is that the tile should be anti-slip. Select on the slip-resistance tiles to ensure the safety of your family. Considering these factors, porcelain or ceramic varieties can be excellent to prevent accidents.

With a clear picture of what you need, it wouldn’t be a cumbersome task, but rather a pleasant shopping experience. Procure the right tiles and get your dream bath space done as you always wanted.

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