How philanthropy play a significant role in your life

Philanthropy is doing some good to the society or world out of your love for humanity. It refers to contributing to the welfare of the less privileged in financial or non-financial terms. Philanthropy is a giving practice that an individual as well as an organization or business can initiate. However, at an individual level, it is a significant aspect of life that is fulfilling for those who are resourceful and fortunate enough to extend help to others.

Source of ultimate happiness: Philanthropy or giving through some kind of charity is made a practice by many individuals, as it offers them immense happiness to help those who cannot help themselves. Whether you feed hungry children or educate adults, the philanthropic acts activate your brain’s reward center. Research has proved that the acts of giving trigger the happiness hormone called dopamine in the brain. This neurotransmitter can actually make you feel good when you help others. No doubt, the number of charities across the country has been increasing constantly.

Fulfillment of responsibility: It is every individual’s responsibility to give back to the society and support its growth and development. By doing philanthropic deeds, you receive the satisfaction of fulfilling your responsibility towards the society. Whether you gift money, expertise or time to someone, you will feel contended by doing it.

Touching lives: You not only feel happy when you donate money to the needy, but also feel good when you touch the lives of others in numerous ways. When you interact with the underprivileged, you listen to their stories to know their needs and thus, gain a new perspective. You find bliss when you feel that you could change the situation for someone due to your efforts.

Promoting connectedness: Doing philanthropic acts or charities lets you inspire several others who are capable of being philanthropists. Through giving, you are not only supporting lives,but are also motivating others to contribute to the community and develop a sense of global connectedness in the society.

Strengthening identity: The acts of giving let you explore your own self. Whether you contribute to a social cause through crowdfunding or spend time in training handicapped people, you understand yourself better and strengthen your own identity. Philanthropic acts also improve your social image and benefit you financially or non-financially through newer associations that you form because of your philanthropist’s image.

Social experience: Apart from all the benefits you derive from philanthropic acts, you gather social experiences by supporting specific communities and organizations. You meet, interact, and associate with like-minded people and social entrepreneurs. This allows you to be giving at a collective level, which can be much more impactful in comparison to individual donations and individual efforts you put in.

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