Here’s why video game console industry is still thriving

Long ago, there was a rumor that video game console companies will fade in popularity. That they will disappear from the gaming industry. But, to everyone’s surprise, the craze for video game consoles has been increasing day by day. There has been a constant improvement in hardware and software of video game consoles. Most of the popular video game console companies have outsold their products.

In spite of all the claims, an alternative replacement for video games has not yet come. There are at least five new gaming options that may replace video game consoles. They are:

  • PC gaming: It has always been a strong market. Crossovers between console players and PC gamer are available. They are both different markets.
  • Mobile games: Over the past few years, there has been a boom in the mobile gaming market. Housewives, toddlers, elderly, and youngsters prefer playing games on their mobile phones. However, hardcore gamers are still committed to playing games on video game consoles.
  • Game streaming: With better technology, you can now stream and play games online on a good display. So who needs discs anymore? The answer is simple. The online game streaming is still not very reliable when it comes to new games.
  • Set-top boxes: When big players ventured into set-top box manufacturing, people predicted that it will be the cause of doom of the video game console market. However, the forecast was proved to be false as video game consoles have a separate market for themselves and a large section of the audience still opt for them over other gaming options.
  • Steam machines: It is in the PC form, but the prices are so high that you would rather buy a PC game. Due to high prices, it is failing to attract players to switch from traditional video games consoles to steam machines. Hence, video game console companies get high demand.

Video game console comparison can’t be made with the above five new arenas of gaming. Video game console industry is unique in its own right.

Video game console companies: Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft, Sega, Atari, NEC, and Panasonic are some of the companies that provide best selling gaming consoles. Currently, the eighth generation of video games is available in the market.

Video games online: There are many online video game stores available now. You can buy video games from Amazon, Flipkart,, etc. Video games online can be accessed by connecting the console to a network. Through this connection, you can play with other gamers online. Nintendo’s Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection and Nintendo Network; Sony’s PlayStation Network; and Microsoft’s Xbox Live are a few common gaming networks that are currently available in the market. With a single login ID, users can play games using any of three brands’ gaming consoles with cross-connectivity. Although there are still limitations in the services provided, the thrill and excitement of video game consoles continue in the gaming world.

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