Here’s What You Need to Know about Accounting Software

When you are an entrepreneur or a part of a big company, you will always have someone handling your accounts. However, having an insight and basic knowledge about it can take you a long way. By being aware of the latest accounting software, you will have information that will prove to be useful at some point or the other.

Knowing how to read the numbers and make a financial statement is a simple task when you have the right accounting software. With this, anyone can make a statement on their own. You need to consider things like capital, sales, and daily expenses. You need to maintain a ledger with the amounts paid and received. With this data in hand, accounting is a task that can be handled with ease.

First, you need to define which type of accounting you want to be doing. Here are the three basic types of accounting software:

Software for database accounting

This is essential for huge companies that indulge in businesses worth million dollars every year. Since they have a lot of data that needs to be analyzed, a large database exists. You need a software that can process it and the one to go for is the Oracle Accounting Software. You need a system consultant and engineers to accomplish this task. It’s a complex software which has the best and latest accounting functions.

Installed accounting software

This is meant for small to medium-sized businesses. It can be used in areas with the slow Internet as well. You can install the software using a disc and do your accounts effortlessly. It may have restrictions and needs to be purchased from sellers.

Cloud accounting software

These are the ones you can download from the Internet. They will only have the basic functions of accounting. You can access and operate the software in the cloud. Examples of this type of software include Sage 50, Xero, and Freshbooks. This software is suitable for small-scale industries.

4 popular accounting software you should be aware of

Sage Intacct

This cloud-based accounting software is very popular in the accounting world. Suitable for small to medium-sized companies, you can maintain your accounts real time. It can automate and make critical assessments that are bound to be useful for every walk of your business. You can get all sorts of information and keep track of your cash flow efficiently.


This software comes with 14 modules that can be configured to suit the accounting needs of any organization. It provides a clear view of all the corporate financial transactions. You can go about analytics, reporting, workflow, and view it all on a dashboard. Easy to use and understand, this is one you must look out for.


This online accounting software is designed for large organizations to use at a minimum price. It is meant for government agencies and other nonprofits. You can record the funding and expenses of the organization. Auditing becomes easier with the accounting functions available in AccuFund.

It can handle a sizable database and give any kind of report you want. It is best for nonprofit organizations that require an extensive accounting framework.

Adaptive Insights Software

This accounting software is suitable to be used on any type of operating system. It is a web-based system that is suitable for a company of any type. The user interface is similar to that of MS Excel and so is easier to get used to. Accounting requirements like dashboards, reporting, budgeting, financial modeling, and more can be accomplished on this software.

You should go for an accounting software that is suitable for your business. When you research and try out a few, you will know which one will be suitable for your needs. Choosing the right one is essential as accounting is an integral part of any business.

You can be more accurate and professional with your yearly financial statements when the accounting is done right.

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