Here’s what makes Boost mobiles the ideal choice

In the world of wireless carriers, there are the big four – AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint and then there are the MVNO’s (Mobile Virtual Network Operators). These MVNOs are small carriers who piggyback on the big fours for network coverage. Boost is one such MVNO which runs on the Sprint network.

Boost Mobile new phones’ services have their own device and work on select sprint devices too. Boost smartphones are available at Sprint retailers and even online too.

Boost Prepaid

When Boost mobile advertises its unlimited data plan, it means that it is literally unlimited. The speed does not throttle after the limit has been reached nor does the network get congested. There are no overages charges, unlike other networks. The customer can select the data plan which suits him and enjoy unlimited data and talk time.

Boost Mobile’s new phones include branded and low budget prepaid devices like Apple, Samsung, and LG along with their own brand Boost Mobiles. As Boost devices are prepaid, there are no contracts. Boost plans are so far the best in prepaid category. The customers get unparalleled service and value for money.

Boost Mobiles have one of the cheapest cell phones in the market in comparison to its competitors. The basic prepaid plan starts from USD 35, under which the buyer gets unlimited talking and texting with 2GB high-speed data. For mere USD 5, one can get an additional GB of data. Along with prepaid, Boost Mobile also boasts of family plans and monthly plans. The unlimited family plan starts at USD140 for four users, which is quite a steal. Once autopay is activated, the user gets a discount of USD 5.

Boost mobile new phones have one of the best prepaid plans, which makes it the cheapest from its competitors. Boost Mobile’s new phones have a mix of Android and iOS systems which can appeal to fans of both. Boost network has the best coverage where Sprint coverage is good.

With no contracts and easy on the pocket plans, Boost Mobile’s new phone plans are flexible, cheap, and extremely affordable.

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