Here’s how Lucky Brand gained popularity through social media

Leonard Green & Partners LP acquired Lucky Brand, which was agreed by Fifth & Pacific Cos. It was a three-year installment, which was completed as $85 million in every year. The Lucky Brand jackets have been revamped quite a few times when the chief executive officer Davide DeMattei hired Williams-Sonoma incorporation, and they had built their product line quite strong and evident that they claimed to have the monopoly over the Lucky Brand jackets. There has always been a dire need for marketing in the case of Lucky Brand jackets. Word of mouth has gone well, but every customer might not get the right message about the Lucky Brand jackets.

The seasonal trends are one factor people do need to know. And through social media, people understand the importance of getting an excellent jacket that’s durable. Lucky Brand had always been on the upstream in case of marketing their brand and in particular when they had a re-launch of their website in 2014 a brand which was 25 years in the making of the website. It is very tough to keep yourself up always in the case of advanced technology. The campaigns are seriously empowering for the customers who have been loyal to the brand. They had a leverage for the loyal fans also, where they had lucky coupons, hampers, gift vouchers handed over to the fans in a lucky draw. Free coupons for people who came to buy Lucky Brand jackets etc. Millennial generation children love to talk about brands a lot hence the Lucky Brand jackets created a referral system where they asked their friends to buy things from the store where they were given coupons so where the referee. A software was created named as offer pop where they could even give gift hampers to their friends. This rewarding advocacy was a great hit.

The other social media campaigns were with the hashtag DenimDiary where people were asked to celebrate their star’s birthdays for free, but as a hoop, they were suggested to talk about the brand to at least ten people. This campaign alone brought in around 12000 followers on Twitter and Facebook. This tactic worked because it was receptive to a change. The other social media campaigns committed were the messaging system where the friends and friends of friends were sent messages about the offers and sale and they could even gift their friends with strong messages like customizing your friends Lucky Brand jacket or collect two Lucky Brand jackets and gift yourself another one at half the price etc.

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