Healthy Eating with 100-Calorie Snacks

When we are trying to lose weight, the key is to strike a balance with the weight loss diets that you indulge in. Low-fat cooking and healthy snacks for weight loss can ensure that you will lose weight in good time, without hampering the state of your nutritional intake. This is very important because you need to find the right weight loss recipes so that you do not compromise on your health in the long run. When you choose a weight loss diet, you will need to factor in all the major nutrients, vitamins and minerals so that your weight loss diet can start and sustain on the right note.

When it comes to eating right to lose weight, you should ideally choose to break up your meals into five or six short meals so that your metabolism can work that much faster. Another good eating habit includes bringing in healthy snacks for weight loss so that you do not get sudden hunger pangs where most people usually indulge in the wrong kind of food with empty calories. Our list of four 100-calorie snacks are healthy and perfect options for those who want to lose weight.

Berries: You can combine various berries like blue berries, strawberries, and many others with nuts, yogurt, cheese and a host of other such ingredients so that you have a wholesome snack that will be below 100 calories. Berries are one of the top healthiest foods in the world. This will also make it a filling and satisfying snack for you weight loss process. It will keep you from feeling hungry even as it fills you up and gives you energy for many hours of the day.

Broccoli: You can carry boiled or sauteed broccoli for a healthy snack. Combine it with some low fat salad dressing or no salt ranch so that you get a healthy snack of less than 100 calories. The iron content of the broccoli will combine well with the protein and probiotic-rich yogurt to give you a rather nutritional dish.

Salsa: Tomatoes have been known to be a good food for healthy weight loss. You can have plenty of tomatoes throughout the day so as to get plenty of calories without piling on weight. You can make salsa with tomatoes and roasted vegetables like peppers, so that you can have a delicious and healthy snack to complement your weight loss diet. You can also get whole wheat crackers and tortillas so that you can make it a wholesome snack item.

Bananas: You can combine bananas with yogurt or have them on their own so that you have the perfect 100 calorie snack for your weight loss diet. You can have plenty of bananas every time you are hungry in between meals so that you get a good dose of potassium, which will keep you high on energy and give your bones a great dose of health as well. You can also have plenty of dry fruit with your bananas for even more protein in your snack.

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