Guide to picking the right jacket for your body shape

When it comes to buying BB Dakota jackets, it is not just the brand, the make, and the style that is important. For women, functionality and style alone would not do. They need jackets that flatter their figures. To find the kind of jacket that best suits your figure, here are some tips on how to define your body shape and what fit of jacket works best for it.

A body that carries more weight at the waistline is called apple shaped. Those whose body is apple shaped should not go for puffed jackets and coats since they add bulk. Jackets that fit snugly across the chest, a V-shaped neckline, with lengths that come below the waistline to the hips or all the way down to the thighs work best because they give a slimming effect. Besides BB Dakota jackets, Kenneth Cole Reaction jackets for women carry a wide selection of jackets that cater to this body shape.

A body that carries more weight around the hips and thighs is called pear-shaped. A line jackets or trapeze-shaped jackets that flare out at the hips work best for this shape. The length should be up to mid-thigh. To draw attention away from the middle region and towards the face, go for jackets with fur collars, broad lapels or wide sleeves. Juicy Couture jackets for women carry a good range of jackets for this body shape.

A body with a wide chest, a big bust, wide shoulders, a slim waist and slender legs are considered strawberry shaped. Trapeze BB Dakota jackets that fit snugly on the upper body and widen at the hips will flatter this shape best. The lapels and collars should not be loud or attention attracting, and the jackets should preferably have a single row of buttons as opposed to double.

A curvy body with a slender waist, wide hips and large bust is called hourglass. Women with this body shape should opt for cropped, fitted jackets. They should avoid loose, baggy jackets and those with a drop waist. A jacket with a belt is a good idea to emphasize their narrow waist.

A body that does not have a bust or hip as big as the hourglass but has a slender waist is considered to be rectangle shaped. This body shape is considered athletic. Jackets that work well in this shape include those that emphasize the feminine shape. Double-breasted jackets, cinched waists, and wide bottoms go well with this shape.

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