Four things to avoid while selecting wedding clothing

Weddings have become more fun than what they used to be a few decades ago with some strict dos and don’ts. Today, everyone including the couple getting married is progressive in their thoughts and don’t really shun you for what you choose to wear, unless until they had specifically specified on the invite for a dress code. However, out of respect for the couple, there are some basic pointers that you can keep in mind when picking the clothing you would like to wear for a wedding.

  • Try to avoid colors such as white, pale white, or any shade of white and light blue. The reason is quite simple, the brides mostly pick within these colors, and when you try to wear a similar color, your wedding clothing loses its allure and so does the bride’s dress. Even if you are family, it’s still better to avoid these common wedding dress colors so that you really don’t upset anyone. Go for a neutral pick of wedding clothing so that you get to wear your style without worrying about looking similar to someone at a wedding.
  • Don’t choose the wrong fabric and end up sweating profusely. Consider the time of the wedding. If you are planning to attend a wedding in the summer season, you can pick decent wedding clothing in comfortable fabric like linen or cotton.
  • Leave that denim at home. The worst wedding wear is dressing down with a casual pair of jeans. It’s a special day, why would you pick something that is just too plain casual. If you really want to dazzle in some denim clothing, then why not wear a trendy jumpsuit in a different fabric like linen. They are gorgeous and a show stopper.
  • Don’t dress like a boy next door. Dress up like a gentleman, not a boy in shorts. If women can perk up for a day, so can you. You may not like to wear a suit, but you definitely can wear some formal pants with a good shirt and a jacket. Don’t dress up like you are crashing at your friend’s house, that shows disrespect to the couple who invited you.
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