Five great things about portable DVD players

Traveling can get boring, especially if you travel a lot. With no entertainment on the go, and staring blankly at the scenery whizzing past you, it’s easy to get bored. If you want something to spice up your life, or to bring some fun into it at least, getting a portable DVD player can keep you occupied.

When you buy a portable DVD player, you get more than just a device that plays DVDs. They are easy to handle, maintain, have long battery life. They support different DVD formats, both regional and non-regional DVDs. Plus, the long battery life ensures you don’t have to sit next to a power point. The screen sizes of typical portable DVD players hover around 5 to 6 inches making them ideal to fit easily into any kind of space.

If you’ve always wondered if you should get yourself a portable DVD player, here are the top four benefits of buying portable DVD players:

The size of a portable DVD player is very small. You can easily fit in into your backpack and it doesn’t take up much space. Easy to carry and perfect for travel.

Rechargeable Batteries
The batteries are rechargeable. There’s a charging port for devices available in every mode of transport, so you don’t have to worry about running out of power anytime soon.
Some portable DVD players even come with removable batteries. This means if you forget to bring along your charger, you can simply plug in a couple new batteries and you’ll be fine.

Longer Run Time For Media Content
Since portable DVD players are specifically designed for entertainment, you won’t be running out of fun soon. Unlike other media devices which are designed for all round use, portable DVD players can run much longer. They don’t overheat when playing movies for long hours. You don’t have to worry about switching it off early or giving it a break since it’s designed for continuous use. It’s the perfect companion for binge watching your favorite shows.

They Are Affordable
You can get portable DVD players for rock bottom prices as low as $20! Premium portable DVD players may cost a little extra with prices starting at $70 and above. But for the most part, these little media genies are geared towards budget friendly users. There’s something available for every kind of budget.

Wide Media File Support
Some portable DVD players can play all kinds of media file formats. This is convenient since you don’t have to worry about using a video converter or transferring your files to your DVD player. Additionally, they can be connected to your television system so you can stream content onto wide screen displays whenever you get the chance.

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