Features offered by Boost Mobile

Are you looking for a wireless carrier that has to offer great services and coverage options? Then Boost Mobile is a great choice.

Boost Mobile offers high-speed data at low prices. The plans on offer from Boost Mobile include unlimited data, talk, and text, inclusive of taxes and fees. Unlike what you expect from a wireless service, you can have all this with a no service contract. Moreover, the coverage provided by Boost Mobile is commendable.

There are many cheap Boost Mobile phones plans, which also additionally offer international services where you can connect with the world by adding international calling features to your plan.

With the Boost Mobile deals, you can earn up to $20 in account credit or $30 in various offers. They also offer phone insurance in case you lose the mobile or it gets robbed. These plans offer around 50 minutes of local voice calls as well as calls for directory assistance. You can select from individual and family plans, with the family plan including up to 5 lines.

Secondary lines give you add-on purchases which are not part of monthly payment, charges, and ad hoc charges. They also have on offer 4G LTE data where it is available. They also offer mobile hotspot, VPN, P2P, 20GB at $60, and 8GB on $50.

The payment of the bills is always due at the end of the month or the account will be suspended. Offers and services may not be available for all phones and networks; therefore, you will have to see if your phone is compatible with Boost as the mobile carrier. You can add more data packs to your monthly plan ranging from 1GB to 12GB. Boost Mobile also offers a mobile wallet feature which can help you make payments from your Boost mobile or Visa prepaid card.

They also have entertainment-on-offer features like Boost TV, Boost mobile music store, Tidal, and so on. You can select from the plethora of plans available from their online site or visit the nearest store.

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