Fashion trends for summer-spring collection

Weather is changing and it’s the time to change your wardrobe to bring some spring in your closet. Retro trends are coming back and designers are experimenting with lighter fabrics. The color that has been painting the runway is pink, while stripes are also in.

Floral prints add a breath of fresh spring air, while bold statement accessories turn the heat on. It doesn’t matter if you are a hipster or a corporate jet-setter, there are a fashion and style for you. Style this season doesn’t have to be expensive. Designers are making use of lighter and brighter fabrics.

If you are following the popular fashion trends this season, here are a few staples that you can follow.

Pink is in!
Be it baby soft pink, creamy mauve, or bold fuchsia, the pinker the better. Paris fashion week saw models display gorgeous ruffles, robes, and slip-on, all in pink.
For summer, pink will add a welcome change to your wardrobe. Be it accessories like scarves, or the main event with a skirt or shirt, throw on a splash of pink to brighten any day. If you are not a pink person, a dash of similar shade makeup could do the trick too.

Striped fashion!
This season, stripes are in. Whether it’s a formal wear or something that you want to slim your waist, stripes are your go-to. Make heads turn and opt for bold colors to accentuate your shape. Vertical or horizontal, wide or slim, play around with stripes. Vertical stripes are slimming, whereas horizontal stripes accentuate curves.

The 80’s are coming back
Bring back those summer vibes with a nod to classic 80’s retro styling. Designers this season are experimenting with flirty hemlines and broad belts. If you are planning to go retro, keep the daywear light and breezy, and include whites.

The 80s were the party era, so nights are where the fun begins. Pair up statement jewelry with shimmer and floral prints. Use popping colors and light fabrics so you’re the center of attention at every party.

Luckily, you can leave behind the perms and shoulder pads- soften the fluorescent glow and refine those bad 80’s choices.

Be bold
Go for wild prints or even monochromes to bring out the summer in you. Let that zebra print scarf add a touch of wild to your outfit. You can choose lighter shades for the night and accessorize with dark fabric bags.

Fashion this year is all about the transition from day to night without distorting your look. It is about being bold and confident. It is about comfort without compromising on the style factor.

Give the above styles a spin and play around with the themes to enjoy 2017’s fun, vibrant fashion!

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