Different mobile plans by Boost

These days’ the cell phone markets are flooded with new plans and services. Barring the top big four carriers, there are other carriers known as MVNOs who operate on a smaller basis and use the same network of AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint. One such mobile service is Boost Mobile, which uses the Sprint network.

Boost Mobile’s new phones use the latest 4G LTE CDMA technology and run on both. Android as well as iOS operating systems. Most carriers carry Boost cell phones. Though the carrier phones are a bit on the expensive side, if purchased by a retailer or online site, the buyer may get a better deal.

Boost Mobile’s new phones have tied up with big brands like Apple, LG, and Samsung. The buyer has the option of bringing his own devices or he can use the carrier’s phones. Boost Mobile has its own plans and devices. The plans offered by Boost Mobile are flexible and affordable. They have single line plans, family plans, Wi-Fi hotspot plans, and international calling plans.

The single plan consists of 3 GB of 4G LTE with unlimited data, talking, and texting and 3 GB of mobile hotspot – all for USD 35. Another single plan has USD 50 unlimited GBs which allows mobile optimized streaming videos, games, and music.

The family plan can add up to five lines. It works really well with large families and can help the buyer save up to USD100 per month. This plan includes 8 GB of mobile hotspots apart from unlimited data, texting, and talking. Also, the buyer gets optimized music streaming and HD video streaming.

Boost Mobile’s new phones’ plan have Wi-Fi on the go. With this plan, the user can connect and share up to 10 wireless devices with 4G LTE speed charged at USD 25 per month and USD 50 per month. There is no annual contract in this plan and it is very flexible.

International calling plans include calls and texts to Mexico and Canada with data roaming up to 8GB. The buyer can opt for the international plan by adding USD 5 per month to his monthly plan.

With a wide variety of plans and devices, a Boost Mobile new phone is the most preferred network.

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