Two main types of stackable washers and dryers

Small-sized apartments do not offer the convenience of installing the washing machine and the dryer separately due to a lack of space. In such cases, stackable washer dryers come in handy. Both the washer and dryer can be piled in one corner of the room to free up floor space. These stackable appliances make it possible to do your laundry at home saving the time and money spent visiting a laundromat. There are two ways you can use to facilitate a stackable washer and dryer in your home.

Laundry units or centers
These models of stackable washer dryers come packed as a unit and constitute as a single purchase. Here you need not fret about the compatibility of the appliances. They can be mounted seamlessly in any corner of the room. When these types of stackable washer dryers are concerned, a feature worth noting is that they have a smaller capacity as compared to the standard models as they are designed to meet the requirements of small spaces. Therefore these types of laundry units also do not occupy as much space as the basic models.

Front loading washing and drying machines
If you prefer shopping for your washer and dryer separately, then ensure that you choose front loaders so you can stack them one above the other for accessing the door of the units to load or unload your laundry. You must also shop for a stacking unit and make sure that the washer and dryer can fit comfortably. The benefit of opting for front loading stackable washers and dryers is that you can pick your choice of these appliances.
There are various drawbacks when selecting this option because it may turn out to be an expensive affair if you have to purchase these units individually. Also, it is a tedious process to ascertain if the units pass the compatibility test. Moreover, this option requires greater power outage for the machines to operate.

The above-listed details are sure to help you make up your mind on which stackable washing and drying machines are more suitable for your needs. Remember to consider all the factors and make an informed decision.

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