Decoding the signs of menopause

Every woman will experience telltale signs which appear and take place during the menstrual cycle irritated feelings, stomach and leg cramps, back pain and lethargy. The signs of menopause can be a little more severe and is the beginning of the end of woman’s fertility.

Women in their late forties and early fifties start noticing a gradual increase in the interval between their periods without much of change in the period itself. The hormone levels start to drop and the period cycles become irregular and erratic with the flow varying between heavy to sparse. This is the beginning of menopause. This bedlam may continue years with varying causes and effects. Irritability and fatigue are also major signs and it becomes difficult to concentrate and remember newer things and events which happened recently.

Sometime during hot flashes are experienced. These start somewhere in the torso and spreads upwards or towards the bottom. Redness of the skin, not unlike blushing and enlargement and tenderness of breasts is also a very common sign. Disinterest in sex and increasing feelings of worry and depression can also be symptoms of menopause though it is not the case with every woman. Weight gain and bloating can also ensue and this can cause discomfort and a little bit of irritability and feelings of depression. While the passing of these symptoms happend quickly in some women, in some it can last for a couple of years.

In most cases, nothing more than a regular exercise and a balanced diet does the trick. It is advisable to institute a regular exercise regime and religiously follow. As the physical fitness level improves most of these symptoms improve and life need not be a nightmare. Having regular exercise and an improved fitness level is will go a long way in helping one to maintain a healthy postmenopausal life. For any persistent symptoms, plenty of medicines are available.

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